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Collectives in 2018 – Busting the Prop 215 Myth

It’s halfway through 2018, but we still see a lot of people in the cannabis industry claiming to be operating “Under Prop 215,” especially those in a regulatory purgatory like Los Angeles. While the collective defense is still technically alive in the MAUCRSA era, it doesn’t look anything like the grey-market “collective” facade of the…
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Cannabis Patents 101

CAN YOU PATENT CANNABIS-RELATED PRODUCTS? Although Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, many cannabis businesses are surprised to find out that the federal government does issue patents for cannabis and cannabis products. Unlike trademarks, the illegality of the product or process that is being patented does not affect whether or not the United States…
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Pot Progress in Peril?

Former drug prosecutor named interim US Attorney for L.A. day before Cole Memo repeal This week has been a busy week for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and as a result a  nerve-racking week for the cannabis industry. This comes in the week that California, the country’s largest cannabis market, begins recreational cannabis sales. And for…
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Cannabis California Los Angeles Business


In a 14-0 vote Tuesday evening, the Los Angeles City Council finally adopted its regulations for cannabis businesses. Many of the changes reflect the nuances of the State of California’s recent rollout of their rules. The largest 420-friendly city in the world is one of the few places in SoCal trying to regulate the industry…
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Marijuana Marketing

Advertising & Marketing Cannabis Businesses In California

Many cannabis businesses have expressed concerns about advertising and marketing their business after Jan 1, 2018. These concerns stem from the restrictions in California’s primary cannabis regulation, the Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”) which was created by the passage of SB 94. MAUCRSA is the latest consolidation of California’s cannabis laws.…
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